Our philosophy...

Tea time English warmly welcomes you on an exciting journey of knowledge. We are focused on "becoming" rather than "being" - "being" is static and finite, whereas "becoming" is fluid, infinite and ever-developing.

Some will see a mountain and will think - It is too high and too steep to reach the top. Others will see the mountain and, attracted by it's beauty, will move up and along it's narrow paths. Sometimes the paths are steep and take you up quickly, sometimes they go all the way around the mountain and let you enjoy the beautiful sights, and before you know it you're on the top of the mountain!

Our friendly team offers you this other path... let learning be an adventure!

We encourage you to:

1. Try it out
You will never know what you are able to do unless you try.

2. Learn from the experience
In the process you will see your weak and strong sides. Collaborating with the teacher and other students you will improve the skills that you are not so strong at.

3. Transform your mind
Nothing is impossible! Determined work and an opened mind can overcome any difficulties!

let learning be your adventure!

Piesakies Tagad